The Karichschmiermann

The Barrel


The so-called Karichschmiermann, a legendary figure from Northern Alsace, once roamed the villages north of the Hagenau forest with his wheelbarrow carrying a barrel of oil. He sold cart grease to the farmers, which he had purchased in the Pechelbronn refinery...

... Wooden barrel or "baril" (with a volume of 159 liters). The “baril” commonly served for transporting petroleum and is still used as a measure for crude oil.


Pechelbronn Petroleum Museum

The temblor

St. Goar - July, 29th, 1846


The Express – No. 31 – Landau in the Palatinate, August 1st, 1846



Landau, July 30th. Last night, at 7 minutes to 10 o’clock, we witnessed a for our region rather uncommon phenomenon: a temblor! Even though the earth only shook for a few seconds, it was still felt. With the beginning of the temblor, the pendulum of the tower keeper’s watch stopped immediately. A pigeon had been hit by the cracking beams and was lying dead on the ground; people were shaken in their beds, mirrors and cabinets moved about in their houses, glasses clattered, in some places wood piles fell over, and the like. Damage was not caused by the temblor. Nevertheless, it is still curious that the event passed unnoticed by many.

In the streets, however, nothing was felt. Today, marketers reported similar events from all over the mountain. According to our tower keeper, the entire region of Landau seemed rather lively. Lights were lit and it was evident that the shaking of the earth had also been noticed in the Gleisweiler public bath, supposed that it was not a light occurrence, as some claim. There were rumors of houses tumbling down in Ramberg and Willgartswiesen and of a powder magazine explosion in Strasbourg - but, thank God, none of it was true.


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