Geothermal Energy

State of Development and Prospects for the Future

Pfalzwerke geofuturePfalzwerke geofuture In the past ten years, a number of power and heat plants have been put in operation in central Europe. In this way, the region has finally caught up with global standards. The geothermal industry is expanding and a new energy market is about to develop.


Even though global climate change continues to threaten all of us and economic development in particular, in the past two years, a new form of energy supply is beginning to gain momentum.


Security of energy supply!


Particularly in Europe, which is mainly dependent from oil and gas imports, this new form of energy supply became the focus of almost all national energy supply plans. As a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy, geothermal energy offers a number of advantages in this regard.

  • Since geothermal energy is always available and not subject to changes in weather, it is a base-loadable form of energy supply.
  • Geothermal energy is also a local and politically secure source of energy.

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Experiences, Insights and Outlook

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Securing future energy supplies remains one of the greatest political challenges of the coming decades. Due to limited fossil resources, the peak of oil production will probably be passed in the following years, causing rising energy prices, increased competition for natural resources as well as new political and military conflict. Conventional methods of mainly fossil energy production also have serious implications for the stability of the climate. Nuclear energy does not represent a sustainable solution either, since our supply in uranium is just as limited. The only remaining option is to use local energy resources by focusing on environmentally friendly and renewable energies.


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