BESTEC group – Areas of Specialization

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The BESTEC group is a specialist in geothermal energy. Experts, scientists and contractors work together, and in conjunction with national institutions and offices, on the advancement of geothermal energy.


BESTEC is dedicated to developing strategies for using the gigantic and almost inexhaustible energy potential of our earth with modern and proven technology.


Our concepts are tailored to the specificities of each individual site, allowing for a maximum of environmentally friendly power and heat generation from geothermal energy. In the design and implementation of the projects, the company places particular value on quality and cost control. Along with individualized concepts designed to suit the location and the client, BESTEC offers all geothermal services firsthand, beginning with the analysis, development and planning of the plant, up to its construction and operation. Our services are as follows:


p1060591 Project Development und Management 
General contractor
Drilling Engineering
Planning, management and monitoring of deep drilling operations
Coordination & logistics
Plant Engineering
Planning and construction of the thermal circuit
Technical support & maintenance
Geophysics & Geology
Geological structural analyses
Geophysical surveying
Reservoir development
Reservoir monitoring
Reservoir management
kopie von 260910bohrunginsh25 Research and Development
EGS and HDR technologies
Drilling and completion technologies
Pump technology
Consulting and Service
Expert reports and conceptual studies


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